here is the whole history of us chapter one

Okay Donkey

Literary Magazine


"we came out of the ocean. coming out of the ocean began with your attempts to get on land. you’d developed lungs."


Literary Magazine


"The mother punches a mouth in the wall, and we climb through it. The mother punches a throat in the wall and the father puts a picture of daisies over it."  

An Absurd Number of Squirrels and Other Animal Stories

Pigeon Pages


"Our paths converge and I speed up. I try to keep the man and his dog twenty steps behind me. Our footfalls echo off the buildings—an advantage of city living is the echoes."

The Same


"I drank my Yeungling while watching Sarah Silverman call out the Bernie or Busters for being ridiculous—the camera cut away to a sour Susan Sarandon. Eva Longoria was set to speak next. 'You come here to watch this?' the boy two stools away from me asked. His top lip was covered in light blonde baby fuzz."

Story Club Magazine


"My aunt will pick me up after she gets off work at the library, and we will go to yoga together. She’ll make small talk with the teacher while I test to see if my thighs touch when I stretch into downward facing dog. I will compare the circumference of my calves to the girl next to me, and halfway through class I will have to lay down in child’s pose because I will want to vomit."

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